ETFs allow advisors and asset managers low cost and efficient access to a broad universe of asset class and exposure types. This market access has enabled a new way of delivering value and managing risk, through the active management of a client’s overall asset allocation.


Forstrong Global Income Focus ETF Portfolio

A multi-asset, global portfolio focused on delivering higher income through diversified, income oriented exchange traded funds (ETFs), this portfolio is also designed to provide modest capital appreciation, all within the framework of strong risk management across international markets.

The Forstrong Global Income Focus ETF portfolio is an ideal portfolio completion strategy for investors lacking global fixed income content, offering several potential client applications, depending on client risk tolerance and objectives:

1. A Turnkey Global Fixed Income Solution in Balanced Portfolios

Never before has the need for an active, holistic approach to fixed income management been more needed. With domestic yields at historical lows, providing income and low to moderate portfolio risk has never been more challenging. Forstrong’s Global Income Focus ETF solution scours the world for diversified yield opportunities while employing active global asset allocation strategies based on Forstrong’s macro-economic view.

2. A Complement to Existing Domestic Fixed Income Holdings

Many client portfolios lack foreign fixed income exposure, which can be difficult and expensive to source and implement. For clients with substantial domestic fixed income holdings, Forstrong’s Global Income Focus ETF solution provides much needed diversification for enhanced risk management and yield opportunities.

3. Part of a Core Fixed Income Solution

Faced with a global income crisis, many retirees will have difficulty meeting their needs and may be tempted to take on undue risk in the search for yield. For income investors, Forstrong’s Global Income Focus ETF solution plays an important role in the fixed income core of their portfolio, enhancing yield with extensive diversification globally.


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Forstrong’s Global Income Focus portfolio is available today in the Raymond James Partners Program.


For additional information on Forstrong’s ETF solutions, please contact John Teskey by email at or by calling 1-647-262-7374.