Tyler Mordy

President & Chief Investment Officer

Tyler leads the firm’s business strategy and oversees a multi-disciplinary investment team committed to extensive macro research and analysis.

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Mark Arthur

Chief Executive Officer

Mark is responsible for the overall resources and operations of the firm including the proper oversight of compliance and investment procedures.

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Wilfred Hahn


Wilfred brings unique global macroeconomic perspectives, spanning 4 decades of research and strategy experience.

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Karen Tsang

VP Trading & Associate Portfolio Manager

Karen is responsible for managing the investment operations of the firm including trading and execution workflows.

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Ken Hawkins

Research Manager

Ken is responsible for the team’s quantitative analysis and updating of internal and external databases that inform our proprietary research.

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David Kletz

VP & Portfolio Manager

David carries out a broad range of research and analysis and oversees the firm’s investment process and implementation of strategies.

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Krystian Urbanski

Senior Vice President & Associate Portfolio Manager

Krystian’s primary responsibilities include managing advisor relationships on B2B that offer Forstrong’s investment solutions.

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Robert Duncan CFA

SVP Institutional Strategy & Portfolio Manager

Robert is responsible for advancing sub-advisory relationships with pensions, foundations, endowments, family offices and broker dealer platforms.

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Narishma Ramdoyal

Business Development

Narishma is responsible for managing advisor relationships and providing operational support for Forstrong’s sub-advisory partners.

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John Teskey

Vice President National Accounts

John’s primary role is managing financial advisor relationships and helping them accomplish their objectives through the application of Forstrong’s investment solutions.

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Meredith Dekker

Operations Manager

Meredith is responsible for the overall day-to-day management, organization and coordination of support services.

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Francis D’Andrade

Senior Vice President Innovation

Francis oversees Forstrong’s marketing and communications, and helps set the firm’s distribution and overall strategy.

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Chris Nitsis

Legal Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer

 Chris is responsible for providing legal guidance and compliance oversight for the firm.

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Omar Rayes

VP Quebec Sales

Fluent in French, English and Arabic, Omar is responsible for managing Forstrong’s business development in the province of Quebec.

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