Forstrong employs a multi-disciplined approach in determining an optimal global asset mix defined by risk and reward which has been developed over three decades. Researching continuously and meeting regularly, our Investment Policy Team methodically surveys a wide array of global economic and financial conditions in order to assess the attractiveness of the major asset classes — stocks, bonds, cash, and alternative assets. This process has successfully served to steadily guide our portfolio strategies steadily through all environments including the Global Financial Crisis.

Risk Management

Risk management is the most important aspect of what we do. No matter how extraordinary the factors impacting world markets may be, we strive to preserve and grow client wealth safely through all market environments. We adapt our asset mix strategies to evolving financial environments. Recognizing that financial markets will always fluctuate, portfolios are structured to steward capital on a risk-adjusted basis that protects against volatility and losses. We vigilantly control and manage downward volatility. Seeking to manage risk at all levels, Forstrong has structured multiple levels of checks and balances.

  1. Global macro allocations, recognizing different secular eras
  2. Strategic asset-type allocation; establishing net risk
  3. Broad asset-type diversification; limiting strategic risk
  4. Investment limits for every holding; reducing concentration risk
  5. Utilize pure asset-type index ETFs; limiting impact of single security risk
  6. Probability-weight multiple scenarios, insulate portfolios against future risk

Forstrong ETF Portfolios

Employing proprietary techniques to build balanced portfolios, we implement our global investment strategies exclusively through the use of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) that track the performance of selected asset types around the world in a low cost manner. We adhere to an unbiased “best of breed” selection process to identify the ETFs that best fulfill each portfolio strategy.

Why ETFs?

  • Pure asset types are readily attainable
  • Exposure to multiple underlying investments with one purchase
  • Efficient structure for global investing; both equity, fixed-income and other “opportunity” investments
  • Broad diversification achieved instantly
  • Exchange listed with real time pricing and trading
  • Unique creation/redemption feature improves transaction pricing and liquidity
  • Tax efficient for client
  • Cost effective