“While you’re building your life, we’re building your portfolio”

Tyler Mordy, President & CIO


Fiduciary responsibility mandates that your portfolio manager must act with care, honesty and good faith, and always in your best interests. While managing your investments your portfolio manager is held to a prudent expert standard ensuring that you benefit from the highest possible principles.

Discretionary portfolio management is the highest form of account supervision available to individual investors and can only be provided by a licensed portfolio manager. It means that investment decisions for your account are made by your portfolio manager at their discretion based on your personal financial goals and investment objectives.

Personalized management through separately managed accounts mean that your investments are not pooled with other investors. As such, your portfolio manager is free to manage your account according to your individual preferences and risk parameters. Your portfolio manager must review your progress with you regularly and also ensure the continuing suitability of your investment strategy.