Investors recognize that the world is changing rapidly; becoming more globalized and creating greater uncertainty and investment market volatility. Consequently, savvy Canadian investors are now looking for smarter strategies to deal with these new realities. We believe that globally diversified ETF portfolios provide the best risk and return characteristics.


Investors know that this year’s leaders are often next year’s laggards, or vice versa. Diversifying broadly across a variety of global investment markets improves reduces volatility and risk.

  • All Forstrong portfolios are managed with a global perspective
  • ETFs provide the most effective asset-type and regional investment exposures
  • Forstrong has the longest track record for managing global ETF-only portfolios


The vast majority of future economic growth opportunities (and the returns they generate) lie outside of the Canadian market. Forstrong Global specializes in managing complete investment solutions for Canadians that take advantage of those global opportunities.

  • Canadian equity market capitalization represents just 3% of global the equities market
  • Canadian investment grade debt market is just 2% of global bond market
  • Select developed, emerging and frontier market economies are growing faster

Speak with a Forstrong Portfolio Manager today to learn why globally balanced ETF portfolios are the right fit for you.


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