Spring 2014 Symposium – Bubbles, Bitcoin and Bonds

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Each Spring and Fall HAHN hosts an “Investment Symposium” for financial professionals and investors. With the investing world undergoing significant shifts, we are particularly excited for this year’s event, which takes place in Oakville, Ontario on April 8, 2014. For those that cannot join us, Symposium materials will be available post-event.

Macro Trends and Portfolio Strategy
Each quarter, HAHN’s Investment Committee spends an intensive week analyzing global macro-economic trends. Following Strategy Week we proactively position our investment strategies for the coming quarter, incorporating both our long-term and shorter tactical views. At the Spring symposium we will share our macro thinking and current portfolio posture, and spend time answering your questions and talking with you.

Bubbles, Bitcoin and Bonds!
If you’ve attended a HAHN webinar or read our articles recently, you know that risk management is part of our DNA, and has been top of mind this past year. Bubbles make investing look easy, when in fact, the opposite is true. Where can we find value in today’s market? How do we invest given the multiplicity of possible economic and market scenarios? How do we build and manage our retirement in the face of a global income crisis? Is Bitcoin the next phase in globalization or just a fad?

Practice Management Session for Financial Professionals
For financial professionals, Symposium will also feature a special practice management case-study on the merits of a fee-based financial planning model, hosted by Mr. Scott Plaskett, CEO, Ironshield Financial Planning.

As a leader in providing outsourced, professionally managed investment solutions to the financial community, HAHN believes in the value of an independently prepared financial plan and the transparency provided to clients through a fee-based financial planning model.
Please contact to reserve a spot at HAHN’s Spring Symposium 2014!

We have 2 sessions, one for Financial Professionals and another for Individual Investors. The time and location of these sessions are listed within each of the registration pages below.

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