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"Increasingly, investment returns are influenced and driven by global factors. A truly world view has allowed Forstrong to deliver more globalized, more diversified and, ultimately, more robust portfolios for clients. Given the interconnectedness of the world economy and markets, this wider perspective has become essential to any successful modern day investment process." - David Kletz, Portfolio Manager

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    Our primary goal is to provide every client with the optimal exposure to the right assets, in the right allocation and, at the right time. This entails a rigorous process that draws on the collective expertise of each member of Forstrong’s Global Investment Strategy Team.


    We methodically develop and continuously assess the relative importance of major economic and geopolitical themes that we believe will drive longer-term capital markets. Our focus on global trends and related investment themes complements traditional bottom-up stock picking approaches and their inherent binary bull or bear market mindset.


    Market trends are largely driven by human beings and their associated emotions. As such, the study of economies and markets must include the analysis of people and their behavioral biases. Developing ”market psychology” outlooks allows the investment team to identify the relevant short and mid-term opportunities for managing risks and returns.


    The combined longer-term super trends and shorter-term tactical insights allow our investment team to actively score the opportunities present in major countries and regions across a matrix of equities, fixed income, cash, commodities and currencies. Continuous scoring of these actionable strategic insights allows Forstrong Global to decisively select and actively manage the most appropriate mix of securities to express our views.


Forstrong Global was the first to deliver globally balanced, actively managed ETF-only portfolios. With over 130 years of combined global investing experience, our Investment Team is comprised of individuals with subject matter expertise across a broad field of investment classes. Since our founding in 2001, we have endeavored to deliver consistent, low-drawdown globally diversified portfolios for serious investors.


Our performance reporting is compliant with the Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS) so that our clients can be assured they are receiving fair and consistent performance metrics. Our performance benchmarks are highly relevant and consistent so that investors may objectively assess our active investment contribution.


The sharing of frequent, thorough and topical world analysis has always placed Forstrong in a different category than our peers. “Global Thinking” is the vehicle we use to make publications, press coverage and video available to financial professionals and investment allocators. Here you will find a continuous archive of our thinking and the associated investment implications.